January 10, 2006

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G.Sobharani, 'Santhwanam' V.H.Road, Palakkad Ph: 0491- 2104433

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The alchemy of counseling hearts comes to her as easily as teaching chemistry in college.  G.Sobharani, lecturer in Chemistry at Victoria College, Palakkad is the motive force behind ‘Santhwanam’, a collective for providing consolation and support to individuals drifting rudderless in the high seas of despair.

Sometime back a known person called her just to say that he wanted to talk to her before committing suicide.  Since he had felt like calling her, she insisted that he meet her before taking any precipitous step.  As he sat in front of her and opened his heart of perceived loneliness, she felt the need to have a more organized counseling set up.

That was the beginning of ‘Santhwanam’, which is now housed at V.H.Road, Palakkad.  The organization provides venue for the aged haunted by loneliness, those on the verge of divorce, women subjected to atrocities etc to open their hearts and find solace and help.   A number of volunteers provide her assistance.

According to her, the needy approach her even at her residence in the College Quarters.  At such times, her husband and children move out of the visitor’s room.  Her husband V.S.Muraleedharan is Administrative Officer in Oriental Insurance Company.

Although chemistry is her subject, writing too comes to her with ease.  Her first novel ‘Syamambaram’ was released recently.  She hopes to utilize the earnings from it to the running of ‘Santhwanam’.

To those who need help, her request is this: make a call.


Courtesy: Manoj Thekkedath (text), Sree, Malayala Manorama, November 20, 2005
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"Much coin, much care; much meat, much malody."