February 8, 2006

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C.M.Ahmmed, Cheriyamatom House, Tinur, Narippatta, Kozhikode

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70-year-old C.M.Ahmmed has been on a quest for gold since the age of 10.  Only, in his case, the effort is to locate the gold ornaments misplaced by others.  According to him, he has already rendered this service successfully to 450 plus persons during these years.  And if one were to quantify the same effort in terms of weight of gold recovered, that would come to more than 3.5 kg.

For the people of Tinur in Narippatta, loss of ornaments would mean a visit to the Cheriyamatom House where Ahmmed lives.  And on being informed of the loss, he sacrifices his daily labourer’s job and joins the search to locate the item.  He accepts only rewards given by happy owners whose ornaments have been recovered by him.  Interestingly, he performed the marriage of his 2 daughters without giving away any gold.  His explanation: it was to avoid the hearsay that he had surreptitiously gathered the gold from some other source.

One incident that is engraved in his mind is recovering the 7-soveign gold chain of Sakina, wife of late M.P.Ahmmed, a Physical Education teacher of R.N.M.High School, Naripatta.  Another memorable incident is locating the chain and locket for Kanaran and family of Naduthara.  The latest such incident is the recovery of 1-sovereign bracelet belonging to the daughter of Ashraf, the owner of Shalimar Jewellery at Nadapuram.

“While searching for gold, I think of just gold alone.  From the place where gold is lying, a particular smell rushes into my nostrils,” is how he explains the working of his innate ability.      

Courtesy: Mathrubhumi, January 18, 2006
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