February 25, 2006

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Bindu, Paloli Parambu, Perinthalmanna, Malappuram

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The demeanor of the crow makes it an unlikely candidate for easy show of compassion by human beings.  Nevertheless, when Bindu of Paloli Parambu, Perinthalmanna, saw a badly wounded crow on the roadside, the good Samaritan in her came to the fore.  She took it to the nearest veterinary hospital where the broken bones on its legs were surgically set in order by Dr.Uma Ramdas.  The other staff of the hospital too, lent helping hands to this rare operation.

The crow had been a victim of attack by street dogs and was lying on the wayside.  Binduís intervention had saved it from the jaws of death.

After treatment, Bindu took the crow home.  She is taking care of the crow by giving it the medicine and food as prescribed by Dr.Uma.  According to the doctor, it would take 2 weeks for the bones to be in proper condition.  Bindu has been asked to bring the crow to the hospital for check up after 2 weeks.

According to Bindu, it was the awareness that other beings too feel pain that made her take the crow to the hospital.  Once the crow is all right, both Bindu and the doctor plan to set it free.


Courtesy: V.V.Venugopal (text), Mathrubhumi, February 5, 2005
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