February 22, 2006

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Oommen Chacko, Professional Couriers, Mumbai

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In 1970s, when young Oommen Chacko boarded the train to Mumbai, his only contact in the metropolis was his uncle T.T.Thomas, who found him a job in a courier company.  Little did the uncle know that the nephew would one day facilitate the contacting of thousands of customers across India and would lead a team of 50000 employees of Professional Couriers that Chacko founded in a 50 square feet office.

After 3 years stint in a courier company, when Chacko started his own venture with an investment of Rs.50000, his friend P.M.Abraham became a partner.  He attributes the success of the Rs.200-crore assets venture to hard work and Godís Grace.  And the loyalty of the employees too.  Perhaps no wonder that the company has given independent charge of geographical areas to its 8 directors.  And the Chairman is chosen by rotation biannually from among the directors.

The company which introduced On Train Courier system in 1988, has built its own network without tying up with any other private player in the field.  However, since 2000, Professional has tried to make its footprints in logistics in the international arena by tying up with international networks. 

Chacko, who mentions slogan of his company as loyalty, hard work and prayer, claims that their system is now ready to take up any challenging assignment.  There are now offices of the company that work round the clock.

His wife Saramma is his partner in the company too.  Eric and Edwin are their children.


Courtesy: Mathrubhumi, January 23, 2005
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