February 19, 2006

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Krishna, Sreyas Engineers, Kochi

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In the concern called life, she would have been content to be the silent partner to her husband.  But his sudden death in a road accident left his air conditioning firm Sreyas Engineers rudderless and Krishna felt that the best she could do to do justice to his toil and the future of the 30-odd families that depended on the company was to lead it.

That was in 1991.  By then the company had bagged the dealership of US firm Carrier.  Since then the firm has come a long way under the leadership of one who had only heard about everyday business activities and plans as recounted by her late husband while he was alive. 

Krishna, whose parents were doctors, had her education in Bangalore and Chennai.  Her sportswomen background during college days could have helped her recover fast from the accident that killed her husband.  But it was her grounding in Bhagavad Gita that helped her surmount the bigger hurdle of consoling her 2 children after the tragedy.

At Sreyas most of her 35 employees have put in more than 10 years with the company.  She runs another firm Sreyas Agencies for distribution of LPG. 

In business life, it is ethics that she has made the centre of her concern.  At the end of the day, one should be able to sleep with peace of mind.  If one’s actions during the daytime are not hurtful to anyone, then definitely that is possible, she says. 


Courtesy: Vanitha, October 15-31, 2005
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