February 17, 2006

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Azhangad, near Peruvanthanam, Idukki District

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Honey and milk may not be flowing abundantly in Azhangad near Peruvanthanam in Idukki District.  But the village is credited with the distinction of using beekeeping as the occupation by the majority of its 100-odd households.  And the harbingers of change is the voluntary organization, Malanad Farmersí Society, a sister concern of Malanad Development Society.

Surrounded on one side by a reserve forest, on another by about 150 acres of wild shrubs, rubber plantations form the other boundaries of the village.  These factors make available to the village 3 honey gathering seasons in a year and hence its choice for the project.

Each house is given a bee keeping kit and a colony of bees costing Rs.2500.  The beneficiaries contribute Rs.500.  And the honey is bought by the Society itself so that the villagers do not have to look for avenues to market it. 



Courtesy: Karshakashree, March 2004
Contributed by: Administrator 



"Industry is fortune's right hand, and frugality her left."