December 3, 2006

Inspiration for the day

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Sree Krishna Bhat, c/o Nehru Memorial College, Sullya

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It was on July 1, 1978 that Sree Krishna Bhat joined as a lecturer at the Nehru Memorial College, Sullya.  And when he retired after 38 years of unbroken service in 2006, he had not availed a single dayís leave; be it casual, sick, or earned leave.

Bhat, who was born in Karadukka Village in Kasargod and had his primary education in Kerala, taught for sometime at a tutorial college in Kasargod before joining the College in the year of its inception.  Vacancy of faculty members in the newly formed college was a godsend opportunity for Bhat who was fond of teaching students.  He would engage whichever class was without a lecturer.

It was during this time that he made a vow to teach without taking any leave.  And the balance period of his service was a struggle to upholding this vow.  He thanks God Almightly for granting his good health to do that.

His marriage to Rajarajeswari was a test of his will power.  After the families had agreed to the proposal, the auspicious time had to be finalised.  Based on the astrological advice, near and dear ones insisted on conducting it on a day that was a working day.  But Bhat stuck to the stand that a muhurtham on a holiday alone would be acceptable to him, failing which he was ready to forgo marriage.  Seeing his sonís determination, his father Bhim Bhut finally agreed to this choice.

The marriage and other functions of Bhatís 6 siblings, his own domestic duties, numerous functions etc came and went, but Bhat managed to stick to his resolution.  He would go to the functions in the mornings and evenings but would never skip the noble task of teaching his students.  He remembers with gratitude his wife, who without any complaint attended many marriage functions and other celebrations on his behalf, all alone. 

And as if knowing his sonís vow, his father Bhim Bhat started on his journey to the heavenly region on a holiday.


Courtesy: Sibi John Thooval, Sree, Malayala Manorama, September 3, 2006
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