December 23, 2006

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60 years ago, when he took up the contract of constructing a workshop for a cement company, young A.P.Bava perhaps would not have forseen how his construction company would one day have worksites spread across continents and how it would one day employ more than 10000 persons in its sites.

Starting with construction of workshops for cement companies, the firm soon spread to other areas like fabrication works for steel, sponge iron, atomic, thermal, hydropower and chemical industries.  This includes fabrication of different machine parts, ducting, erection etc needed for different industries.  So far the company has executed more than 300 projects in different countries.

By 1984 his son A.P.Adul Kareem joined his father in running the business.  This phase saw rapid growth of the company.  “Completing the contract within stipulated time with high regard for quality, that is our motto.  We do not worry about profit and loss on that account,” Kareem sums up the philosophy of their working.

74-year-old Bava manages the business in India and abroad from the headquarters at Chaliyam in Malappuram,   In addition to this, he finds time to nurture Crescent Public School at Chaliyam and head many voluntary organizations.

“My father and myself do not waste even a single minute,” says Abdul Kareem.  Even on holidays, we are engaged in work.  So are our employees too,” he says about the secret of their success that recently saw them compete against L&T and win a Rs.106 crore contract from Grasim Industries.


Courtesy: Vimal Kottakkal, Mathrubhumi, November 27, 2006
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"Crows are non the whiter for washing themselves."