December 15, 2006

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A.Basharuddin, Furnace Fabrica, Mumbai

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It is a fact of life that a secure job breeds complacency in all except the impatient innovators.  When A.Basharuddin decided against the advice of near and dear ones to leave the secure job with Fertilisers And Chemicals Travancore (FACT), such must have been his determination.

So along with Badari Prasad, his friend from Banaras Hindu University days,  Basharuddin set up a one-room company, Furnace Fabrica, in Mumbai at a cost of Rs.2 lakhs in 1975.  The understanding between the partners was that in case of mutual differences, Basharuddin would go back to Kochi, while Prasad would go back to Banaras.  But after 37 years of steady growth of the company, their friendship and understanding have only become stronger in the midst of tenuous Hindu-Muslim relationships all around them.

Started in 1975, Furnace Fabrica became a private limited company in 1979 and a Limited Company in 1985.  Starting with small contracts like the Rs.18000 work at Titanium Products in Thiruvananthapuram, the company steadily grew, and became involved in the construction of Sulphuric Acid Plants, Gas Cleaning Plants etc.  It steadily consolidated its position in the fertilizer, petrochemical, metallurgical, cement, LPG bottling and other fields.  International recognition too came soon as the firm became the associate of German company GmBH.  With contracts in Africa and Middle East, the Rs.128 crore turnover company is poised for further growth.  About 320 engineering staff and 2450 workers are employed by the firm in its different plants.

Basharuddin is the president of Kerala Engineers Association.  His daughter Dr.Sanam is working at the General Hospital, Kochi and his son, who did his MBA from Paris is employed in Lehman Brothers.

Dr.Badari Prasad, who has been like a brother to Basharuddin, is the Chairman of the company.  His son too is working in Furnace Fabrica.


Courtesy: N.Sreejith, Mathrubhumi, November 20, 2006
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