April 1, 2006

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Prof. T.M. Surendranath, Statistics Department, Nehru College, Kanhanngad, Kasaragod

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If Prof. T.M.Surendranath stays in the college campus even a minute after class hours, then that would be cause for surprise to the other teachers.  This Head of Statistics Department at Nehru College, Kanhanngad in Kasaragod, comes to class punctually and carries out his duties as a teacher, and yet, is active as an office bearer or a member in 80 odd social and cultural associations.  On an average, every day, he would be attending more than 4 meetings and hence the hurried departure from college.  On holidays, such would be his schedule that he may not get enough time even for taking his meals.

It was a humanitarian bend of mind and a desire to coordinate one’s words and actions that led Surendranath to get involved in the organizations.  According to him, it was the experience of being a volunteer of Kerala Sastra Sahitya Parishad that gave him the social awareness.  Though initially he used to work in Panchayat-level organizations, later he turned his attention to students and their problems also.

Although he and his wife are well employed, they spend considerable part of their salary towards social activities.  Many are the students who have found him the refuge when their studies were threatened due to non-payment of fees.  Surendranath, who considers punctuality as the biggest savings of life, gets up at 4am and does yoga.  He then has his bath in the nearby temple pond with his children.  Part of morning hours is spent on his favourite hobby, bonsai-making. 

12 years ago, before Kudumbasree model of poverty alleviation had become successful, he had done a similar scheme on a small scale at Neeleswaram.  Seeing the plight of poor women of Neeleswaram streets, he had gathered them into a group.  With their meager contributions and his own largesse, the women started a hotel.  It grew so that each member could get atleast Rs.1000 per month.


Courtesy: Sony M. Bhattathirippad (text),R.S.Gopan (photo), Sree, Malayala Manorama, January 1, 2006
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