August 28, 2005

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Naushadali, Saban Autos Pvt Ltd, Kottakkal, Malappuram

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When he was a mechanic in an automobile service centre, technician Naushadali used to get more salary than the manager.  And when he was a dealer for an auto LPG conversion kit in 1997, he modified the device to get more mileage for the vehicles.  The company officials came from Bangalore to study his idea and honour him with a cash award of Rs.1 lakh.

Such small victories and recognitions only added fuel to the burning desire in the 8th standard drop out to start a venture on his own.  And in 2001, at Kottakkal, he started production of LPG kits developed by him.  That was the beginning of his future success.  As more and more auto-owners started coming in search of good quality kits, his workshop become a sought-after destination for cars and autorikshaws.  It enabled him to clear many debts accumulated in many unsuccessful ventures till then.

After 1 year, his Saban Autos entered into an agreement with leading Italian gas kit company Longas to become their sole distributor in Kerala.  Following the first unit set up at Parambilangadi in Kottakkal, another 5 wholesale units started functioning in 5 districts. In a short span of 2-years, it has become a 160-employee company and has already fitted 30000 kits in autorickshaws and cars.

The 8th standard drop out who started life as a trainee in an auto garage, who had to sell off his own small workshop in 1987 due to accumulated losses, and then see his LPG kit dealership with a firm terminated following the complaints from other dealers, is now the Managing Director of a company with turnover in crores.

33-year-old Naushadali has been honored with Vanijyaratnam award for his creditable achievement in the automobile field in a short span of time.


Courtesy: Mahanuddin Chokkad, Mathrubhumi, July 18, 2005
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