May 15, 2004 

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Rahul, M.S.Nagar, Manakkad, Thiruvananthapuram

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At 4 years of age, he may be a little taller than a drum (chenda) but surely one wouldn’t expect him to play the instrument as a professional.  But that is what Rahul is doing to the amazement of his audience.

His father Jayan, a talented percussionist, runs a folk dance academy at home.  Seeing his father teach the students, Rahul used to fiddle with the drum even as a 2˝-year-old.  At the age of 3, his father gave him the sticks just out of curiosity.  But surprising everyone, he started playing the instrument by hearing the lessons imparted to the students by his father.  After a little coaching, he started performing at public functions with his father’s troupe.   So far he has displayed his skills in 20 venues.

While at some places he plays the instrument standing on a chair, he has enough stamina to go through 12-hour sessions.  Without striking a false note, this young percussionist gathers the approval of the connoisseurs of the art.



Courtesy: V.B.Unnithan (text), G.Binulal (photo), Mathrubhumi, April 21, 2004

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