May 11, 2004

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Dr.Sarada Subrahmanyam, Chennai

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Conservative family reluctant to sent her outside for higher studies, a fever that extended her MBBS studies by 6 months, the rustic surroundings including kerosene lamp that was the labour ward when she started working at Kodungalloor, resignation from a medical trust in Chennai for having used forceps for an emergency delivery that was against the rules then, and then having to start career all over again as instructor at Stanley Medical College, Chennai… these setbacks did not prevent Dr.Sarada Subrahmanyam from becoming a pioneering researcher and doctor who has been honoured with the ‘Woman of the Year’ award by the American Biographical Institute in 1994.

Though working under her classmates, who were Professors at Stanley, made it rather painful, she started to take the best use of the opportunity.  Her hard work paid off, as she was able to obtain Post Graduation and Doctorate during this time, creating a history of sorts by being the first person to obtain doctorate in physiology.

After a long career at Stanley, when she was able to mould many a successful doctor, she retired in 1973, only to continue on extension for another 2 years in the same place and then to become the head of Physiology at the Madras University.  It was her efforts that made the department an eminent one in the whole of Asia during this time.

Her research into low frequency magnetic field led to the discovery of many useful applications and caught the attention of the world.  The ‘Madras Institute of Magneto Biology’ is largely a product of her effort.

She was able to show that these fields are useful in the treatment of men and animals and can boost the growth of rice.  But more than these, she was able to find much improvement in the spastics by the use of this method.

Now taking rest after a surgery, she is waiting to get back to research.


Courtesy: Meera Krishnankutty, Vanitha, April 15-30, 1996 

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"Great oaks from little acorns grow."