March 26, 2004 

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Sivan, Edakkat House, Perumpadappu, Ernakulam

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For more than 25 years, Sivan has been engaged in a hobby that is bringing cool shade to weary travelers of Perumpadappu, Kochi.  The saplings of shady trees which he had planted long ago, have now grown up and can be seen on both sides of the Perumpadappu bridge.  Besides, fruits of his labour can be seen at Fort Kochi, Thevara and Chittur areas.

Sivan, who is a motor mechanic engaged in greasing vehicles, spends his spare time  entirely for nurturing these shade-providers.  His neighbour Prakasan helps him in planting the saplings.

If he happens to go on tour somewhere, he is likely to plant a few trees there also.  The saplings brought by Sivan are put inside soil-filled plastic covers by his children Akhil and Parvathi.  Although he has repeatedly approached the authorities for the permission to bring up trees, he hasnít been successful so far.

His only consolation and satisfaction is seeing the green canopy of trees.  His wife Sheema gives him all support in his social endeavorss.  Not to be left behind, the people of Perumpadappu too extend their support to the good work of Sivan.

Sivan with his son beside the trees he planted


Courtesy: Seema Mohanlal, Malayala Manorama, October 15, 2003

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