July 1, 2003 

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P.U.Thomas, Attender, Medical College, Kottayam

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When 52-year-old P.U.Thomas, attender in Medical College, Kottayam, started his philanthropic work of helping the poor patients 32 years ago, he was all-alone.  Today he is able to feed 2000 persons everyday.  How does he do it?  His answer is instantaneous: by the Grace of God.

Thomas, who joined the hospital in 1969, had started helping the poor patients: the destitute, the mentally unsound, those suffering from incurable diseases, those discarded by their relatives etc. became the recipients of his compassion.  “When I started the work I was all alone.  Those days I had to struggle a lot.  Slowly more people joined me: medical students, nursing students, doctors and the common men.  Today with the help of all, things are running smoothly,” he says.

The activities of Thomas are coordinated by the trust Navajeevan.  In addition to providing lunch to 2000 persons everyday, the trust provides boarding, lodging and cloths to destitute patients.  Another area of their activity is rehabilitation of mentally unsound vagabonds whom they usually pick up from railway station.

He has 4 daughters, one of whom was married recently.  His only son died 2 years ago.  Even while that sorrow haunts him, he tries to find solace in the compassionate work he is doing.



Courtesy: Saji James, Malayalam, June 7, 2002

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"He who has health has hope, and he who has hope has everything."