January 9, 2003  

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K.P.Krishnan, Kolodipram, Mattannoor, Kannur

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In the 5-acre medicinal plant cultivation of retired teacher K.P.Krishnan, Kolodipram, near Mattannoor, Kannur, one is likely to find the medicinal plant one is searching for.  In this plot about 600 medicinal plants share the sunshine and the warmth of the Masterís love.

Krishnan Master inherited the love of medicinal plants from his father.  It is this love that has prompted him to be a preacher of sorts as far as medicinal plants are concerned.  Masterís 600-plant farm is the result of patient collection from many places in Karnataka and Kerala. 

Every Sunday Master reaches Mattannoor with saplings of his dear plants in polythene bags.  He displays these along with placards bearing their names and uses. Though he charges only nominally for the saplings, he gets a steady income from this mobile sale.  At least one medicinal plant for each home, that is his slogan.

Tortenia, useful in the treatment of cancer, plants that are used in the treatment of venom, Eroppa Kaitha used in the treatment of rabies, Chakkarakkolli used against diabetics, etc are grown in his farm. 

A winner of the Oushadha Mitra award instituted by the Nagarjuna Pharmacy, he is a good bee keeper too.  Recently a team from Kottakkal, headed by the Coordinator of medicine plant project, P.N.Raveendran, had visited his farm.



Courtesy: Sudhakaran Veliyambra, Mathrubhumi, November 7, 2002

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