January 25, 2003  

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Shreeja, Padinjaredathu Mana Perulisseri, near Cherpu, Thrissur

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College student Shreeja started making ‘kondattam’ (salted and dried pieces of bitter gourd, capsicum etc) to send to her sister in Botswana.  Her sister’s family and all those who tasted it liked Shreeja’s preparation.

That gave her confidence to start a Small Scale Unit for manufacturing and marketing condiments. The youngest daughter of Sankaran Namboodiri, Padinjaredathu Mana, Perulisseri, near Cherpu, Thrissur, Shreeja was the 3rd rank holder in B.A.Sanskrit. When she went about the shops in Thrissur town to market her ‘kondattam’, the response was surprise-filled appreciation.

Slowly she added pickles and curry powders to her repertoire.  During Onam she had marketed banana chips, which too was a success.  Her mother is her technical advicer.

She started her Unit with loan from Bank of India this March.  Now her products, under the brand name, ‘Janani’ is stocked in the major supermarkets of Thrissur.  And these products are well known among housewives of Thrissur.

Even while studying for B.Ed now, she is trying to expand her small venture.



Courtesy: Karshakashree, November 1999.

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