April 19, 2002  

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Raveendranathan, Vilayil Veettil, Nagaroor, Kilimanoor

For 61-year-old Raveendranathan, Vilayil Veettil, Nagaroor, Kilimanoor, life has been like a long distance race.

This veteran athlete with more than 40 medals in State and National level, has recently been crowned champion in the State Veteran Athletic Meet held at Palakkad.

There is a poignant story behind the transformation of Raveendranathan, alias Kinki into an athlete.  During his childhood, travel by bus was a luxuary affordable to the rich only.  The 5km ride from Nagarur to Kilimanoor used to cost 2 annas then.  With 2 annas one could buy 4 dosas.  For young Raveendran going to school on almost empty stomach, walking was the only choice.

However Kinki used to run behind the bus carrying his schoolmates.  Although he used to get tired initially, this continuous practice helped him in later years.  A 10th standard dropout, he worked as a labourer to make both ends meet.  However he did not drop his practice of long distance running.

Later when he entered the athletic arena, this training helped him.

At the age of 52, Kinkiís story was published in newspapers.  By then he had written off his dream of leading a married life.  After reading his story, Chandrika from Pattambi became his life mate.  Now he is living in a thatched hut built atop a hill near Nagarur.

He has planted many trees like teak and mahogany around the house, thus giving the area a sylvan ambience.



Courtesy: Kerala Kaumudi, May 6, 1999

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