March 6, 2002

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Josy, Valiaveettil, Alappuzha


An all-in-one device that can measure electricity, stabilize voltage, prevent electrical shock, inform daily usage and programme electrical load has been developed by an expatriate Keralite.

Josy of Valiaveettil, Alappuzha, who has been working as Senior Electrical Engineer in a Saudi Arabian firm for the past 15 years, is the inventor of the potentially useful energy meter.

If the device is connected to the electric circuit in the house, voltage variation can be avoided.  If there is electric leak in any equipment, the device will trip, thus preventing shock-hazard.

The daily usage of electricity is digitally displayed in the meter.  Besides, the meter can be programmed to draw a maximum load, beyond which it will cut off supply.  Thus it will help the Electricity Board in preventing pilferage, claims Josy.  The meter will signal if the fuse goes off in the circuit.

Josy has not tried to patent the device.  However he said he would submit the meter to Electricity Board for their scrutiny.

He showed a demonstration of the equipment at the Press Conference.  Rs. 1800 is the cost its production.

His wife is Molamma and daughter, Nisha.


Courtesy: Kerala Kaumudi (May 18, 1999)

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