September 20, 2023

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Mukesh Jain, Fort Kochi

The strings used for flying kits often break and get stuck to branches and twigs of trees.  Unwary birds often get trapped in them.  In Kochi area, if such an incident happens, then the call usually goes to the phone of Mukesh Jain, who has a soft corner in his heart and a long pole in his hands for the rescue of these unfortunate ones. 

He immediately rushes to their rescue.  According to him, he cannot sleep once such an incident is brought to his notice.

Sometime back, when he was in Bengaluru with his son, he received a call about a trapped bird.  Jain immediately boarded the afternoon flight and took a bus to the spot.  By then his associates had arranged for the long pole and other paraphernalia for him to get on with the job.  He finished the task in no time and boarded the train back to Bengaluru the next day morning.

Apart from the pole, which he purchased for around Rs.33000 from Pune, he has devised a nailed contrivance for cutting the strings, which are often made up of nylon and plastic.

These incidents usually occur around Onam when children play with kites.  He is all for such play but when the strings used are of nylon and plastic variety, then they cause unintended consequences.

In fact, he had once requested the RDO and District Collector to issue an order banning these two types of strings.  They promptly did so, but the rule is observed more in breaking.

So his noble work, which he started in 2007, continues…


V.P.Sreelan (text), Mathrubhumi,  July 26, 2023 


"Having respect for animals makes us better humans."