June 27, 2023

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Kannankai Kunhiraman: mason who built a rural hospital

Kannankai Kunhiraman, Cheruvattur, Kasaragod

That he was different from other masons was evident from his acting talents.  In fact, Kannankai Kunhiraman had won the State governmentís best amateur actor award for the year 2003. 

And yet it came as a shock to the people at large when this mason resolved to construct a hospital on his own village in Cheruvathur, Kasaragod. Today the hospital has become a reality.

With hindsight, he says that it is the culmination of a 30-year-old dream.  However, a more personal reason was the sad experience of his own mother.  A few years back, when she was writhing with chest pain, one or two private hospitals with profit motive gave her an indifferent treatment.

Using the savings from his daily wages and contract construction work, from loans and chittys, he went ahead with the construction of the hospital.  Many good-hearted villagers joined in the effort in various ways.  But perhaps, the hands that placed the stones of the hospital building one above the other and cemented them, was Kunhiramanís alone.

The hospital has a capacity for 10 in-patients.  It has a lab and a scanning facility. 

Even those who have no means to pay for the treatment, may use its portals for emergency needs, he reassures.  And to the doctors and staff who may have doubt whether a mason would be able to meet their salary needs, he has assurance for them too.

When service in the hospital was requested of potential doctors, they were quite willing to do so, he says.


Mathrubhumi News,  May 22, 2023 


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