February 21, 2022

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Anuroop.G, 8129100968

It was with an explosion of memory that the choice of his social enterprise was revealed to Anuroop.G., a corporate employee in a Bangalore-based consumer company, who wanted to start an enterprise to benefit the society.   

He was staying back in Kerala after the unprecedented flood of 2018 and was contemplating on possibilities when an experiment he had conducted in Class 9 came back to him.  He and some classmates had tried to produce biogas in a glass bottle using water hyacinth.  The bottle broke and the water and hyacinth fell on the startled students.  The invasive growth and power of water hyacinth was revealed to him that day.

Once this suitable direction of quest was revealed by memory, he further researched on the topic.  He thus realized that water hyacinth, cut into small pieces and added to kitchen waste, can be a good raw material for biogas production. 

He then approached Centre for Research on Aquatic Resources (CRAR) for research assistance.  With their help Anuroop launched his ‘payal jwala’ (aquatic weed flame) in Chertala, where water hyacinth is ubiquitous.

It was well received locally.  It further received a big push when two YouTubers covered it on social media.  It generated a flood of enquiries, which they couldn’t handle directly.  So, they relied on local agencies for carrying out these works in far off areas.  These enquiries covered not only water-hyacinth plants, but kitchen-waste based biogas plants as well. So far, they have implemented 250 units across four South Indian states.

With frequent hikes in LPG prices, homemakers are turning to the use of water hyacinth-based plants.  One homemaker from Alappuzha says she had been earlier using one LPG cylinder per month, but requires only one in 3 months now. 

According to Anuroop, a basic unit of the biogas plant would cost around 10000 to 15000 to be set up.  Based on size and capacity, the price would go up.

 Anjali Krishnan, thebetterindia.com, February 11, 2022


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