November 28, 2020

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Ajikumar, Arakkamattom House, Changanasseri Turuthi, Kottayam

The faulty treatment for a childhood disease may have left him paralysed and confined to a wheelchair, but the soaring spirit of innovation in Ajikumar of Arakkamattom House, Changanasseri Turuthi could not be tied to the ground by that calamity. 

Sitting in the wheelchair, seeing his brother work with electronic devices, he picked up the first steps of their innovation and has now designed his own power generator in which pedaling for 4 minutes generates more than 5 hours of energy.

His first innovation was a device to amplify the sound of his Walkman.

In the power generating device, which has been named Human Electro Magnetic Power Generating System, there are fly wheels and transformers and pulleys in addition to DC motors and dynamo.

He next aim is to develop a system that can provide him energy for 24 hours.  He has already spent quite a lot of money in pursuit of his passion. He seeks the support of government and other agencies for his further effort.

His effort to realize his dreams is supported by his wife Sindhu and children Abhijith and Stuthi.




Kaumudi Online, November 22, 2020


''Initiative is doing the right things without being told."