December 31, 2020

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Narayanan, Neetu Nivas, Kunjaram, Paanaavally, Chertala, Alappuzha

It was the sparkle in the eyes of a destitute that launched  to undertake his daily labour of love to provide food for the needy.  That day, 13 years ago, he had gone for treatment to a hospital in Ernakulam and had provided food to an old man.  The sense of gratitude and satisfaction, expressed in the eyes of that forsaken one, has sustained him since then.   He distributes food packets in Kochi every day since then.

Narayanan is a peon in SBI Padma Branch, Ernakulam.  He spends a portion of his income for his philanthropic efforts. His other source of income for this effort is the wooden sculptures that he carves at home during his spare time.

On an average, he provides food for 35-40 daily, including that bought from hotel.  But during Onam and festival days, the food is provided from his home.  For the last one year, Sindhu, a resident of Eroor, also hands over a few food packets to him.

6 blocks in the arteries of his heart could not deter him from serving in the arteries of Kochi.  The blocks were taken care of with stents and 58-year-old Narayanan is active in his chosen path.

He reaches Chottanikkara Temple on holidays to do seva activities there, but does not skip the food supply even on those days.  His day starts with providing grains to hundreds of pigeons that visit his home.  He resides in his unfinished home, .

Earlier, he used to travel by scooter, armed with scissors, soap, water etc.  As soon as he spotted someone with mentally unsound disposition, he would provide a haircut and shave and would ensure a bath before sending them away.  But with the Covid protocol in place, the authorities had refrained him from such services.

Now he journeys by bus, undeterred by the adversities. 

His wife is Kanchana.  Daughters, Neetu and Geethu. Sons-in-law, Aneesh and Sarath.   


Mathrubhumi, K.R.Sethuraman (text), V.S.Shine (photo), December 25, 2020


''If you can't feed a hundred people, then feed just one."