August 29, 2020

Inspiration for the day

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Venu, Koovappady, Perumbavoor, Ernakulam

It would be easier to understand Edaakoodam as an older version of Rubik’s cube.  Fabricating such structures in wood has been a way of utilizing lockdown period for Venu of Koovappady, Perumbavoor. 

A carpenter by profession, Venu learned the art from his father.  Different types of Edaakoodams can be assembled with the number of blocks ranging from 3 to 65.

In the olden days, Edaakoodams were used as a gauge to decide on leniency to prisoners condemned to capital punishment.  Those who could correctly assemble the device consisting of rectangular and square cubes were given less severe punishment. 

Making of the cubes involves precise workmanship.  And assembling and solving Edaakoodams requires skills of brain.  It can be an intellectual exercise and an entertainment. 

So, everyone is welcome to get into Edaakoodam without apprehension.





Mathrubhumi, May 20, 2020


''Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile."