October 23, 2021

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Sister Lissy Chakkalakkal: building 150 homes for students and needy

Sister Lissy Chakkalakkal, ‘Our Ladies Convent Girl’s School’, Thoppumpady, Kochi

Six years ago, when Sister Lissy Chakkalakkal, Principal of ‘Our Ladies Convent Girl’s School’, at Thoppumpady, Kochi, went on a routine visit to students’ homes, she may not have been aware of the great responsibility that destiny and society would place on her soon afterwards.  What she saw was that one of her students, who lost her father, was living without a home. 

A practical-oriented teacher, she sought all extra-curricular help in providing a house for that student.  She was helped in the effort mainly by Lilly Paul, another teacher.

Soon she realized that there were many such homeless students in her own school.  So it became a house-providing challenge for the entire school as students and teachers also pitched in with their trickles of compassion.  In terms of monetary contribution, the share by each student may be miniscule, but it inculcates in them an awareness of their fellow students and the underprivileged in society at large.

As the word got around that Sister Lissy and the school at large are doing something noble for the society, many more donors came forward.  Thus, they have been able to provide functional homes for 150 beneficiaries so far.

The houses are built in 1 or 2 cents of land and cost around 6-10 lakhs each.  Initially, the houses were built where plot was available with the would-be beneficiaries.  However, of late, many willing hands have come forward to donate land for the cause.  So also, many skilled workers like masons have come forward to help with their labour.

The project is a teamwork of many sections of society, according to her.  She dreams of a ‘homeless free’ society where each one is under the protection of a roof of care.


Mathrubhumi, September 19, 2021



“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”