May 27, 2023

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Biju Narayanan, Thodupuzha, Ernakulam

When he saw his wife’s inability to use the mixie during powercuts, he decided to do something about it.  An innovator since his school days, he wanted to develop a device that could be operated even when there is no external electric power.

And a decade of painstaking efforts later, Biju Narayanan of Thodupuzha, Ernakulam has produced a solar mixie that doubles as wifi, vacuum cleaner, coconut scrapper, emergency light, radio, vegetable chopper etc.  

53-year-old Biju Narayanan is a self-taught electronics innovator.  As a youngster, he was fond of listening to music.  Since he had no radio, he taught himself to build one on his own, thus startling his school friends.

Biju Narayanan’s solar mixie can be charged either using solar panel or direct power connection.  What is more, because it works on direct current, the consumption is very less and the device gets charged by reverse current.

After decade-long struggle to develop the product, he won the Kerala Government’s Rural Innovation Award for 2021.  He is now working to make it available commercially.

Bharatspeaks.com,  May 22, 2023 


"Nothing happens by accident.  God is preparing you for great things."