May 31, 2024

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Rishikesh C.S., Muhamma, Alappuzha

It sometimes requires a setback to bring out the potential in a human being.  So, it has been in the case of Rishikesh C.S., an innovator from Muhamma, Alappuzha.  The first setback in his life was when he had to discontinue his studies in Pre Degree since the students were always protesting for one thing or other and he felt it was a distraction.

So, this drop-out with a penchant for electronics innovation went into a self-taught mode and learned from foreign text books that his friends from there were kind enough to provide. 

In 2002, when a boat capsized near his home, he understood that the root cause was that there was no proper way to detect the level of water in the platform in case it enters the boat.  So, he built a sensor to be placed much below the danger level to provide early warning.

In 2012, he built a vibrating wireless warning system to alert people about incoming disaster like dam break.  This was in the backdrop of doubts about Mullapperiyar damís strength.

In 2015, when he heard about the electrocution of an employee of KSEB in a 11KV line, he developed a device that can detect whether a line is charged or not.  For this useful device, he received National Innovation Award from the President of India in 2015.

Two years back he built another device to alert people standing near railway tracks during festivals etc. about incoming trains on the track.  This too was in the backdrop of a tragedy on the tracks.

In 2019, he invented a device that can prevent people from getting electrocuted if any electric line falls on them in an accident.  This too was in the aftermath of a tragedy involving two men who were on the way to buy milk when an electric wire fell on them.

Thus, Rishikesh has built his life and reputation on innovations.  He now conducts motivational classes B.Tech tuition.


Azmia Riaz, Indian Express Edexlive, October 30, 2019



"What is now proved was once only imagined."