April 30, 2024

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Shaju & Thenmozhi

Honesty is an inspiring virtue.  So also, gratitude.  These two were in display when Thenmozhi came to thank Shaju for returning the bag containing her one lakh rupees which she had forgotten at his tea shop about a month back.

Thenmozhi, who lives at Kodakkattumuri, Puliyanchery, Koilandy had availed Rs.1 lakh from the bank for the operation of her grandchild at Chennai.  As she was proceeding to the railway station to board the train to Chennai, she happened to visit Shaju’s shop to have a tea.  While leaving the premises, she forgot to take the bag containing the money.

It was at the railway station that she became aware of the loss of money.  She ran to the shop and collected the bag, which had been kept safely by the owner.  He hadn’t cared to see what was inside the bag, thinking that that was not his business.  So, he handed the bag to the rightful owner, who hurried to catch the train.

Thenmozhi had the satisfaction of the successful operation on her grandchild.  Later she returned to Koilandy and wanted to thank the honest shopkeeper.  Thrice she tried unsuccessfully, as the shop was closed every time she visited it.  On the fourth attempt she was able to meet Shaju and thank his timely help.

Not even curious to know what was inside the forgotten bag in his shop, that was the level of Shaju’s honesty.  And persevering four times to visit the shop and thank the honest help, that was the measure of Thenmozhy’s gratitude.


Mathrubhumi, April 13, 2024 


"Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, but the parent of all others."