November 27, 2023

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suresh p v: invention of arecanut climbing machine
Suresh P.V., Amarambalam,  Malappuram

Suresh P.V. is a school drop-out who works as a driver and a rubber tapping labourer in Malappuram.  But that would be a poor yardstick to measure his potential or achievement as an innovator.  He has invented an arecanut climbing machine that can ease the traditional, manual and risky method of climbing these slender stems.

Initially he designed a machine that runs on electricity, but when erratic power supply was found to be an issue, he switched over to a petrol engine.  The 42cc petrol engine can be operated using remote or mobile app.

The key elements of the machine include rubber grip rollers which run up and down the arecanut trees.  It can adjust to the girth of the trees as well as the dents and projections on the trunk. The machine can be put in forward, reverse, neutral and cutting mode.

The 28kg machine can climb a normal tree of 50-60 ft in one minute and can function for 3 hours for each litre of petrol.  In case the machine runs out of petrol while midway on the tree, then there is a rope that can help the operator to bring it down.

This is not the first innovation of Suresh.  Earler, in 2004, he had developed a 2kW hydroelectric power plant for his village.  Another innovation of his was a ropeway system for transporting goods.

His tree-climbing innovation won an award of National Innovation Foundation in 2019.


NIF (text and photo),  Mat 19, 2019 


"What is now proved was once only imagined."