June 30, 2024

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Firoz Mustafa, Muvattupuzha

Firoz Mustafa, an IT professional burned the proverbial midnight oil to invent the ideal engine oil additive for his vehicles which were experiencing frequent maintenance problems.  And after 9 years of unremitting effort, his effort proved fruitful when he could formulate an additive that is much better than the ones in the market.  And this product is now a godsend for discerning end-users.

During his extensive research on the possible solutions, he became aware of the use of nano-technology in aerospace sector in similar situations.  Adopting it to the automotive use was the innovation that he experimented with.

After much effort, he was able to produce the additive that could enhance the engine oil changing intervals and minimize the wear and tear on the engine.  Once he could produce this prototype, he gave it to a taxi driver who clocks 20000 km per month to test it.

The test was quite successful and he decided to produce it on commercial basis.  Thus, was born the nano-lube that has the endorsements of satisfied users for many years now.

That a Malayalee has invented this additive should be a reason for all-round rejoicing.  Perhaps, if he were in based in a foreign country, his innovation would have received enhanced acceptance and accolades.

Biju N Nair, youtube.com/@baijunnairofficial, September 23, 2022


"Success is achieved by ordinary people with extra-ordinary determination."